Salient Technical Services
P.O. Box 192026
Dallas, TX 75219


At Salient Technical Services we are a team of experts dedicated to driving customer success through innovative technology solutions to complex requirement sets. We specialize in architecting automation and artificial intelligence systems to achieve exponential efficiency gains where traditional options for system improvements have been exhausted or have failed to meet organizational goals. Having been in service for nearly a decade, we have long-standing, close relationships with our customers, employees, contractors and vendors. Hundreds of leading companies in the manufacturing, medical, aerospace and legal fields have benefited from our work.

Our Areas of Expertise Include:
Our primary purpose is to automate business functions for our customers through a variety of approaches.
Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
Challenges having many variables or potential approaches are good candidates for Artificial Intelligence solutions, where unexpected correlations can provide valuable insight. We have a continually growing collection of trainers and data banks with eons of virtual experience in simulated and real-world scenarios for various industries.
Business Application & Software Development
We have developed a wide range of software solutions from Inventory Management and Manufacturing Systems to Financial Analysis and Data Mining.
System Implementation & Maintenance
We can provide valuable assistance in the selection and implementation of ERP and CRM systems as well as maintenance services to ensure the enduring stability of implemented systems.
System Design & Engineering
From database structuring to workforce automation and quality control systems, we can help by providing experienced personnel to assist in the design and administration of complex systems.
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